Stephen Rickerby

He is a consultant wall painting conservator on the
Getty Conservation Institute’s projects in the Queens
Valley and in Tutankhamun’s tomb, Egypt. He has coordinated
conservation projects in the UK, Jordan, Cyprus,
Malta, China, Bhutan, Georgia and Ethiopia, on behalf of
conservation institutions, governmental bodies and private
foundations. He also has long experience of teaching
conservation theory and practice.

Lori Wong

She is a wall painting conservator and graduate of the
Courtauld Institute of Art’s Conservation of Wall Paintings
Program. Since 2002 she has worked as a Project Specialist
at the Getty Conservation Institute on projects in
China, Egypt and Morocco. Lori strives to improve the
approaches and strategies to protecting and conserving
sites with wall paintings and is currently pursuing her
MBA at The Wharton School. Lori is coordinator of the
Murals, Stone and Rock Art Working Group of the International
Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation
(ICOM-CC), a Fellow of the International Institute for
Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC), a member
of the US National Committee of the International
Council on Monuments and Sites (US/ICOMOS) and an
Expert Member of the International Scientific Committee
on Earthen Architectural Heritage (ISCEAH).

Bianca Madden

She is a conservator based in Oxford specialising in
wall paintings and polychrome sculpture. She works in
the UK and internationally, and has been involved in work
in Egypt since 2004, notably on the painted Theban tombs
of Menna, Neferenpet, Sennefer and Amenemope. She
was recently part of the ICOM CIPEG Expert Group on
the Tutankhamen Shrine Project.

Hugues Tavier

He is a graduate conservator of ENSAV-La Cambre in
Brussels. He participates in the works of conservation of
the two Theban tombs 29 and 96 tombs since 2001. He
dedicates itself at present to a doctoral research on Theban
painting during the 18th Dynasty (Ancient Egyptian
Art History and Archaeology at the University of Liège,

Khadija Adam

A professional conservator and manager with 24 years’
experience in domestic and international conservation
projects. Specialized skills include all types and phases of
conservation and restoration activities, consulting, generating
bill of quantities, teaching and training, conservation
management research and studies and materials testing.
Master degree 2012 – Conservation Department and
Ph. D. Program Cairo University 2015. She is currently the
ARCE-Luxor Conservation Manager.

Professor Dr. Ahmed S. Shoeab

Restoration and conservation of monuments, pictures,
wall painting. Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology,
Cairo University. Visiting Professor, Kansai
University, Osaka, Japan

Professor Dr. El Sayed M. El Banna

Restoration and conservation of historic buildings and
archaeological cities. Conservation Department, Faculty
of Archaeology, Cairo University. Visiting Professor, Kansai
University, Osaka, Japan

Pia Rodriguez Frade

Titulada por la Escuela de Conservación y Restauración
de Bienes Culturales de Madrid, en la especialidad
de arqueología. Forma parte del proyecto Djehuty desde
2005 donde es responsable de la conservación de los
objetos procedentes de la excavación siendo estos de
gran variedad e incluyendo madera, cartonaje, fayenza,
piedra, cestería o lino. Trabaja como restauradora para
arqueólogos, arquitectos o empresas de restauración,
colaborando en montaje de exposiciones tanto temporales
como permanentes.

Dr. Hourig Sourouzian

Egyptologist, Art Historian. Corresponding Member of
the German Archaeological Institute. Studied in Paris,
graduated at the Ecole du Louvre and habilitated at the
Sorbonne. Guest professor at the American University in
Cairo, the Universities of Munich and Vienna, Collège de
France, Sorbonne. Works since 1974 in Egypt in many
archaeological missions. Since 1998 directs the Colossi
of Memnon and Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Poject
in Luxor, under auspices of Ministry of Antiquities of
Egypt, through the German Institute of Archaeology, and
in cooperation with the Armenian Academy of Sciences.
Author of statue joins and reassemblies, books and essays
on Egyptian Art and Archaeology.

Elena Mora Ruedas

Conservator and Archaeologist, specializing in stone and
wall paintings conservation. She has worked in different
conservation projects, Heritage Institutions and Museums
in Spain and internationally. Works since 2007 in
Egypt: member of Colossi of Memnon & Amenhotep III
Temple Conservation Project, Funerary Temples of Thutmosis
III and Seti I, conservation teacher in the field
school in ARCE in Deir Shelwit Temple, Tomb 109 Min
Project in Luxor. And several restoration and conservation
works in Cairo Museum.

María Antonia Moreno Cifuentes

University degree History of Art and graduate in the Higher
School for Conservation and Restoration in Madrid.
Curator-restorer in the museums of Burgos, Zaragoza
and National Archaeological Museum (Spain). At present
collaborator as restorer on several archaeological projects
in Egypt: Heracleóplis Magna (Ehnasya al Medina),
Amenhotep III Temple Project (Luxor) and Thutmose III
Temple Project (Luxor).

Miguel Ángel López Marcos

Graduate of Archaeology, Universidad Autónoma de
Madrid (UAM): 1982 – 1987. Graduate of Conservation,
Superior College of Madrid, Archaeology Department:
1983 – 1987. Specialist in conservation having worked on
more than 50 archaeological sites in Spain, Morocco, and
Italy, and in Egypt at Heracleopolis Magna in Beni Suef,
at the Red Pyramid, and at the Bent Pyramid in Dashur.
Since 2004 he is responsible for the monumental reconstruction
of the colossal statuary in the international mission
of the Mortuary Temple of Amenophis III in Luxor.

Camille Bourse

She is a French conservator, she has a degree in preservation-
conservation of cultural objects, master of Sorbonne-
Panthéon University. She’s worked for four years
at the French- Egyptian Center for the study of the temples
of Karnak in Luxor-Egypt, as chief conservator. She
has mainly worked on the Ptah temple, the northern
storerooms and archeological objects excavated by the
french archeologist G. Charloux. At the present time, she
works on the about 250 blocks which will be used to rebuild
the four walls of the Courtyard of the Cachette in Karnak Temple.

Susanne Brinkmann & Christina Verbeek (Editors)

Diploma conservators from the University of Applied
Sciences Cologne, Conservation and Restoration of Art
and Cultural Heritage, specialising in conservation of wall
paintings and polychrome sculpture, consulting, research
and conservation management. Since 1999 chief conservators
in the tomb of Neferhotep TT49 and leader of the
conservation lab “AfR Atelier for Conservation and Restoration,
Cologne Germany”.
They carried out several research projects e.g. on new
methods for the conservation of trachyt stone (Cologne
Cathedral; Unesco); on the implementation of a backpack
laser system for the cleaning of painted surfaces as
well as the development of the online network CTT for
conservators working in Luxor (